Shwet Prakash Srivastava

B.Tech (CSE), ABES Engineering College
Founder- President, HUHC (Feb, 2012-present)
Ex-Secretary, NSS ABES EC, (2012-2014)
Ex-Secretary, R&A Club ABES EC, (2013-14)

Shwet Prakash Srivastava is an engineer by profession , he did his B.Tech from ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad. He is a social worker and has worked with many NGOs in Delhi-NCR regions. His involvement in social cause actually started during his college days when he was in his second year of his He took this noble initiative when he stepped out to teach the children of workers in his college. He had been a very proactive and whistleblower during his college days and had served in the NSS wing for four years. He was given all kinds of responsibilities during his four years of service in the NSS wing and he also leaded the NSS wing as its Secretary for two Consecutive years and his work there was commendable and praiseworthy. Looking his hard work and leadership skills he was also made Secretary of Research and Analysis Club of ABES Engineering College. His passion and zeal for his work and his Concern towards the hardships of the weaker sections helped him as well as inspired him to brick the foundation of HUHC. He finds his work pious and feels himself fortunate at being one of its key parts.

He thinks to enable the students at HUHC so as to achieve good career and to help them in building sound personality in society is a challenging work. He, however, believes that strong spirit and pragmatic endeavour has helped him and his committed team to accept these challenges and overcome them successfully. He is a man of optimistic view, and thus, he firmly believes, he will succeed in his attempts. He is trying his might and main to translate the mission of HUHC in reality very soon. He dreams of an India with 100% literacy and every child has easy and comprehensive access to education where every child must be given equal opportunities irrespective of his or her birth. He is highly inspired by opinion and experiences of many great men. Accordingly, strong will-power and firm decisions makes him think he will overcome all the difficulties in his way, and achieve these goals sooner or later.