Shivangi Gupta

Ex- Secretary, HUHC

She pursued her engineering studies from ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad. She is one of the counted members who put the founding stones of HUHC. Even, she was the first person to step forward and expressed her strong believe on HUHC. She had been very important part in the making of HUHC and her contribution to this cause was brilliant. Her belief and attitude towards this pious work was a great motivation and support to all the other members of the organization. She was never hesitant in taking any kind of responsibilities and despite of her personal problems, she continued with HUHC and always gave her best in every role, she was assigned to .

Her passion for teaching kept her associated with this organization and it gave her satisfaction in making a little contribution to eradicate illiteracy and the existing problems of our nation. She is extremely proud to be a part of HUHC family and will always contribute as much as she can.