Ritu Kumari

Ex- Secretary, HUHC

She completed her graduation in engineering major in Electronics & Communications from ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad. She had been the part of this organization from its early start and had a key role in taking organization its first step to reach in the slums. She still remembers that day in college; we had decided to do something more productive for this good cause as we had spent around five to six months in providing education to children of workers in our college. And, during which lots of people have joined us in this compelling cause. So we decided to step out of the college as well but everyone was empty regarding where to go. She helped us to find a slum area in her locality, where there was no proper access to schooling to kids living there and thus our first literacy camp was started near her home in Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad. She recalls, it was bit difficult initially to convince children as well as their parents to send their kids with us but with passage of time, we dealt with this successfully. The support we got from her parents and family members has always helped us as a guiding force to us. Her faith and dedication towards this compelling cause had been always instrumental in making this organization reach new heights.